d.i.y watercolor photo matte1 #decor #d.i.y #CraftsI’m fascinated by watercolor; it’s just so versatile and unique. I have painted with acrylics for a while now, but have really been wanting to give watercolor a try. No better way to learn a new skill than with a simple project I could share with you all! I have been reading a few books on textures and patterns recently, which is where my design inspiration for this watercolor photo matte came from.
watercolor picture matte d.i.y #crafts #photographyThe picture is from my sister-in-law’s maternity shoot last winter. Her photographer knew of a place in the desert where wild horses roamed. They became the backdrop to her shoot, which turned out so wonderfully unique. Photo shootI brought along my camera to practice with and was lucky enough to get a few really nice pictures.  It was a great day with family, and I was able to learn a lot!  I’m grateful to have such a beautiful photo to remember it by.

Horses in the Nevada desert


Watercolor art supplies #decor #d.i.y #CraftsStep one: Squeeze a small amount of watercolor (a pea size or less) onto the paint tray. A little bit of paint will go a long way. Next, take your paint brush and dip it into the water a few times, then into the back paint. Mix the water and the paint. I took the paint brush full of paint and dipped in a clean paint pod two separate times then thinned the color out with water. So I ended up with three different shades of black.

Watercolor art supplies #decor #d.i.y #Crafts

Step two: Begin dabbing in a pattern on the watercolor paper. Cover the whole sheet.  Different amounts of pressure will create different sizes and shapes. You can control how much water and paint are on your brush by lightly dabbing the brush on to a paper towel. Be as spontaneous as you wish when designing your paint pattern. The more spontaneous, the more unique your art will be! You can touch up spots by folding a paper towel in half, then dabbing a corner of the towel into the spot. The towel will absorb the excess paint.

Step three: Let your art dry for 30 minutes.

Step four: Once your art is dry, cut the paper to match the frame size. I took out the stock photo my frame came with and used it as a metric for measurement.

D.I.Y. photo watercolor art and scissors #decor #d.i.y #Crafts

Step five: Take your photo and smear the entire back side with a glue stick.

D.I.Y. photo art glue #decor #d.i.y #Crafts

Step six: Glue your photo to your photo matte.D.I.Y. photo art glue #decor #d.i.y #Crafts

Step seven: Place the photo matte into the frame, and you have your very own badass piece of watercolor photo art!

d.i.y watercolor photo matte 2#decor #d.i.y #Crafts #watercolor #photography

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